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🔸 Used since antiquity, e.g., for embalming
🔸 Deep brown resin lumps of the highest quality
🔸 Sourced from Yemen
🔸 Earthy scent and grounding energy when burned
🔸 Medicinal plant of the year 2021 in Germany
🔸 Usable in cold water or as tea

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Welcome to our premium Myrrh, a precious resin with a fascinating history and a variety of uses. Myrrh has been valued since antiquity, used among other purposes for embalming. Our product consists of deep brown resin lumps of the highest quality, carefully harvested in Yemen.

Myrrh emits an earthy scent that is perceived as pleasant and soothing. When burned, it releases a grounding energy and creates an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Burning myrrh is often associated with spiritual practices and meditations, helping to calm the mind and clear the senses.

Beyond its use as incense, myrrh is also a well-known medicinal plant. In Germany, it was even named the Medicinal Plant of the Year 2021. Myrrh's components, such as essential oils, resins, and flavonoids, bestow it with a wide range of health-promoting properties. It is often used to support the digestive system, alleviate inflammation, and promote wound healing.

Our myrrh comes from Yemen, a country with a long tradition of myrrh production. The deep brown resin lumps are carefully harvested and hand-selected to ensure the highest quality. Each portion of myrrh contains the essence of Yemeni nature and the rich history of this precious resin.

In addition to being used for burning, myrrh can be enjoyed in other ways. It can be dissolved in cold water to make a refreshing and invigorating drink. Moreover, myrrh can be prepared as tea by pouring hot water over the resin lumps and allowing them to infuse. The tea has a pleasant taste and can have a soothing effect on the body.

Discover the fascinating world of myrrh now and experience its versatile applications. Immerse yourself in the earthy scent and grounding energy when burned, while also enjoying the health-promoting properties of this precious resin. Our myrrh offers you the highest quality and purity to enrich your rituals and moments of well-being. Trust in the centuries-old tradition and the positive effects of myrrh and let yourself be enchanted by its magic.